No More Picking and Choosing


This is bigger than me.

A sentence I often have to say to myself from time to time when nothing is clear, my patience has run up, and I’m done with the day. My circumstances in life will never be predictable. If anything, the only consistent part of life, are the innumerable inconsistencies.

Sound familiar?

            The hard truth is even when I want to give up, I’m being selfish. When I’m done with loving people, it’s selfish. When I am tired of how people are treating me, I’m only thinking about me.

This is not about me; this is bigger than me.

Often times these unwanted, annoying mishaps, share an obvious commonality…they require me to take myself out of the picture.

The enemy wants me to think I’m the victim and should have my own rights in life. God says I gave up self-rights when I chose to live for Him instead of living for me.

“Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourself”

Philippians 2:3

Is this how I’m living my life? When people bring hurt, mistreatment, and disappointment do I think or treat them as better than me?

Typically, no.

Yet, that doesn’t change what the truth is.

I have a friend who I use complain to about those, “unwanted annoying mishaps” and she would never fail to remind me that I have to die to self.

Of course, the snarky sassy person I am from time to time (ok, more often than time to time) would be quick to say, “I don’t have to die to self, Jesus died for me!”

I can’t have both worlds. Either I live for myself or I live for Jesus. And living for Jesus, means showing others grace and love when I really don’t want to. Jesus never fails to show me grace and love so I can’t pick and choose who I show that to either.


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