Let Yourself Be Offensive

IMG_7970.jpgIMG_7964-2“Dear brothers and sisters, if I were still preaching that you must be circumcised- as some say I do- why am I being persecuted? If I were no longer preaching salvation through the cross of Christ, no one would be offended.”

Galatians 5:11

Nobody would be offended. The cross is offensive. So those of us who know Christ and know that the cross is offensive, rather than continuing to tell others about it we stay quiet. We don’t want to offend other people because our world won’t allow us to say contradicting things (good or bad) without being ripped apart. Staying quiet is easier and  can keep from causing an uncomfortable situation.

Why do I allow my comfort to be what keeps people from being able to know how well loved they are? Fear. Fear of rejection, fear of not being able to defend my faith, fear of being persecuted… But when have I been persecuted for my faith? When have I so heavily stood up for my faith that I was persecuted for it as Paul is speaking about in Galatians?

It would be easier to not say anything to a stranger and to have a good day by just keeping to myself instead. So that’s what happens, we stay in the comfort of a good day without “troubling” others or ruining our day. I have stuff to do, I have homework, I need to get a good nights sleep and can’t be up late talking with them, I need to get some work done, I just… don’t want to.

They’re excuses and we know it. Worse yet, we’re ok with it. Because it’s comfortable.

But comfort can get boring, and there certainly will not be any growth inside what is comfortable. At least not a comparable type of growth. The type of growth that you can have when pursuing Christ in faith through the uncomfortable places God takes you.

If faith were easy to share with anybody then we would be doing it more often. But God didn’t allow it to be so easy for everyone because He knew that the uncomfortable parts of life are where we are able to grow the most.

Are you allowing God to grow you in the discomfort? Or are you just complaining about the discomfort?

When a child is crying because they are hungry does the parent just let the complain without feeding them? No, the parent wants the child to eat but unless the child calms down and realizes that they are being handed food their hunger will not be satisfied.

Take that discomfort, the one that comes from sharing Jesus with others and let God give you the fuel you need to keep sharing. Let yourself be offensive.

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