At any job interview they ask you to bring an updated version of your resume. For obvious reasons, they need to know if you are able to do the job you’ve applied for. Is this person a hard worker? Do they have the qualities we need, want, and desire of our employees? How are they […]

For someone like me who likes to stay busy the idea of, “Be still and know that I am God” can sound to be frank very boring. However, God is not boring, He’s mesmerizing. Although I may not always want to be still when I take time to do as Psalm 46:10 says, the realigning […]

I am not a good listener. Seriously, I do not listen very well at all. I stumble into things (physically), over things (verbally), and I most certainly can be a very distracted conversationalist. Throughout the years I have grown in my listening ability but even now I am pretending to listen to my roommate as […]

Have you ever wanted to restart your day? You woke up late, something went wrong, and you just want to rewind so that you can get it right. Or maybe it is not the day you want to restart but perhaps the year. If you had known from the time the ball dropped on January […]

In light of my last post about extending kindness beyond our normal comfort zone, I have definitely been challenged this November. So this may sound repetitive but I felt it was important to share, so stick with me for a little bit and let me know if you can relate. Do you ever have those […]

One of my dear friends from Life Action sent me a, “Package of Happiness” the other day. It was completely unexpected, and kind. I am thankful to have such a friend that goes out of her way to express her value of me. Which got me thinking… Luke 6:35-36 says, “But love your enemies, and […]