The past few weeks my mind has been overtaken by the book of Romans. I’m currently going through it with my small group girls and God has been opening my eyes to verses I have read over and over again in a new light. Unfortunately, before going into this book I had a time of wrestling […]

When I was in my early teens God impressed upon my heart that there was a deep amount of compassion within me. At the time I could not grasp what He meant but I knew it was important to loving others. Merriam-Webster defines compassion as: sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it. […]

In the spring this year I asked my grandma to be my mentor. After having left the road I missed my accountability partners that poured into me, prayed for me, and would give me wisdom in times of need. My grandma does all of this, and more than I could hope for. As soon as […]

A fair amount of time has passed since my last relationship. I’m not embarrassed; this is just a matter of a fact for me. Although it can make me feel out of practice with having a romantic connection with a guy, or being comfortable with vulnerability between me and someone else. It can almost feel like […]

This weekend I was privileged with the opportunity to stretch my faith. God graced me with several opportunities to cry out to Him in times of need. Some were smaller than others, but all were important to me. While I was at church, we were worshipping and the song lyric, “You are perfect in all […]

Do you ever like being told you’re wrong? Not necessarily that you mind a correction here and there but do you ever actually like it? I wish I did. I want to be the kind of person who is humble enough that I’m always ready to learn something new. I desire to be told I’m […]

We all have that friend who is soon to be married and oh look now they’re having a baby, and there’s three more! While you’re sitting there like, “What the?! I swear we were just fighting over baby dolls last week, how’d you get a real one so fast?” We’ve seen it, experienced it, maybe […]